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Another good reason to live here in Coral Springs Florida: The Lighthouse Kettle Company

Behind this great company located here in Coral Springs is a fabulous story about our Armed Forces serving in Iraq. What’s the connection? In case you missed the story in the local Sun Sentinel newspaper addition this weekend, let me tell you.

Have you ever had Cap’n Jacks Kettle Chips? The Lighthouse Kettle Company of Coral Springs makes these delicious potato chips and apparently, Army Sgt Eric Burns just loves to gobble up these chips. His mother, Jill Burns, of course, is very proud of her son serving in Iraq and thought it would be a great idea to surprise Eric with some of his favorite chips in a care package. Eric received his care package sent from his mom with his favorite Cap’n Jacks Kettle Chips and he was playing around and asked his mom for her to send “a thousand“.

Mom contacted the owner of The Lighthouse Kettle Company, Greg Hurley, as she wanted to buy a few cases. Greg Hurley, graciously responded by saying you don’t have to buy them, I’ll send them for free. And send he did, 42 cases! Imagine the joy from Eric when the chips arrived! There are 24 bags of chip per case…he received 42 cases….so if you do the math you’ll see that Eric’s original wish of 1000 chips came true! I’m sure Eric has a lot of new friends at his base too!

Greg Hurley had said they he really understands what these guys are going through having served in the British military. He was glad to have been able to send the chips. Hats off to Greg Hurley and the United States Armed Forces.

In fact, new plans for The Lighthouse Kettle Company includes Rusty Chips for the Troops which is being named after the company Parrot mascot, Rusty.  Starting in roughly a month, they’re going to launch on their website a monthly event in which 1000 bags of chips will be sent to one lucky winner after their name is pulled from a hat. The lucky winner will be a loved one that people have entered to win the chips. The well deserving military member will be happy when their chips arrive to their unit overseas.

Need some good chips? Contact The Lighthouse Kettle Company @

It never amazes the generousity and kind souls that are right here in our backyards. So the next time you gotta have that great bag of chips, think of Greg Hurley and his company, The Lighthouse Kettle Company. See what I mean when I tell you Coral Springs Florida has some kind souls, great chips and a whole lot more!

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